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LSM Lake Snow Management
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 65 reviews
 by Google Review by Carey S.
Very happy with the service
City & State: Blaine, MN

I am very happy with the service

 by Google Review by Lar & Ang
Very accommodating and friendly
City & State: Blaine, MN

Their notifications for plowing or non plowing days are appreciated and also plowing our driveway and returning for the city snow piles at the end of the driveway if necessary. Very accommodating and friendly.

 by Google Review by Vicky F.
Worth it
City & State: Blaine, MN

This past winter was the first time I used Lakes Snow Management and even with the little snow we had, I am signing up again for next winter. I have a big driveway and it is worth it to have Charlie and his crew back again.

 by Google Review by Dana E.
Great company with dependable service
City & State: Blaine, MN

Always there. Great company with dependable service. I am a customer in Blaine. I do not work for the company.

 by Google Review by Subhadip K.
Doing business with trust and integrity
City & State: Blaine, MN

This team doing business with trust and integrity!!

 by Angie LN
Outstanding Service
City & State: Forest Lake, MN

A+ in all aspects - Communication with plowing & updates, very friendly and helpful, the snow machine is incredible and if the local streets aren't plowed they return later to clear the heavy chunks of snow in front of the driveway :). I have total confidence that they will provide that same service for us this year.

 by Nancy P
Great service
City & State: Blaine

Great service and very dependable. Also, treats their customers with respect and compassion.

 by Google Review by Katie R.
Very happy with their service
City & State: Blaine, MN

We have been with LSM for 3 years and are very happy with their service! They are reliable and do a great job on our driveway. We would highly recommend!

 by Google Review by Patti Y.
Excellent service
City & State: Blaine, MN

Just renewed for 3rd year. Excellent service, Great Communication

 by Google Review by Lar & Ang
I really appreciate the communication
City & State: Blaine, MN

I really appreciate the communication from LSM notifying us of plowing & non plowing events plus other information.

 by Bonnie T.
Dependable and Fast Service
City & State: Blaine, MN

I'm so happy with the service from Lake Snow Management. They made my winter worry-free. They clearly communicate about when are coming out to plow, always follow through, and do an excellent job of plowing. I love Lake Snow Management.

 by Google Review by Dea A.
I highly recommend them
City & State: Blaine, MN

Lakes Snow Management is awesome! They've been so helpful these last few winters. I highly recommend them!

 by Facebook Review by Todd R.
I would highly recommend
City & State: Blaine, MN

By far best service I've ever had. Right on top of it every time and also wait until city plow goes so the end of driveway is cleared. Charlie and the crew are A+++++ I would highly recommend.

 by Lori N.
Peace of Mind!
City & State: Blaine, MN

After convincing my dad that he should no longer tackle the snow at 80 years old, he agreed to go with LSM and we couldn’t be more pleased. The communication is fantastic, the plowing is done professionally, and mom, dad and myself (their daughter) all have peace of mind. Mom says “I am so happy every time I see his plow or look at the driveway. I say out loud Thank God for Charlie.” Dad says that not having to do snow removal probably saved his life. As their daughter, I’m so grateful that LSM is so dependable and I can count on them 110% that my parents are being well taken care of. Run, don’t walk, to hire them!

 by Google Review by Susan H.
Great service
City & State: Blaine, MN

Great service. I count on them to safely plow my residence each season. Great job!

 by Patricia & Alan Yelle
Excellent service
City & State: FOREST LAKE

Renewal for 3rd year- Excellent service. Communication is great

 by Google Review by Jessica R.
Just renewed for a 3rd year
City & State: Blaine, MN

Have been using them the last 2 years and just renewed for a 3rd year!

 by Google Review by Stacey R.
Did a fantastic job on my driveway
City & State: Blaine, MN

This was the first time I ever paid someone to plow my driveway. I was not sorry. Lakes Snow did a fantastic job on my driveway. We have already signed up for the next year!

 by Google Review by Linda L.
Very dependable
City & State: Blaine, MN

We had Lakes Snow Removal last winter. They were very dependable. It was a nice feeling to know we would have a cleared driveway. They do not use a blade to scrape the snow which is important to us.

 by Lois
Great service
City & State: Blaine, Mn

Lake Snow Management does an excellent job blowing snow from driveway and sidewalk to house. Especially like the lawn is not damaged from equipment. Good communication so we know when they are starting to clear snow during each snowfall.

 by Wayne J Zapzalka
City & State: Minneapolis, MN

Very Dependable and they Care! And that seems hard to find now .

 by Google Review by Jennifer H.
Incredible responsive, professional and friendly
City & State: Blaine, MN

We have had the team at Lakes Snow Management take care of our snow removal for several years. They are incredibly responsive, professional and friendly. We always know we can rely on their service and appreciate how quickly they clean after each snowfall. Thanks Lakes Snow Management!

 by Facebook Review by Mike S.
Excellent service and customer service
City & State: Ham Lake, MN

Excellent service and customer service. Hired LSM to clear my mothers driveway. Very impressed with there service. My mother couldn’t be happier. No more tearing her lawn apart. Thank you

 by Facebook Review by Mary B.
Number 1 in the area
City & State: Blaine, MN

Lakes Snow Management is very dependable & they do an excellent job. Number 1 in the area.

 by Google Review by James S.
They do an excellent job
City & State: Blaine, MN

This winter will be my third year with this company. There are at least four differences between Lakes Snow and other snow removal companies: 1) There is never a tall pile of snow next to the edge of the driveway as it gets spread out evenly over the lawn and that ultimately benefits the grass. 2) Emails advise us when snow removal will begin and they allow me to guess as to when the driveway will be plowed. 3) Often the snowthrower comes back a second time and removes the ridge that a plow has left at the end of the driveway. 4) I believe Charlie is honest when he makes a decision that the 1 1/2" minimum for plowing has or has not been reached. Note: I also use the same company for mowing and in both cases they do an excellent job.

 by Bill Sullivan
Outstanding customer service
City & State: Minneapolis

I became a fan of Lakes Snow Management when they took care of our snow removal while we were gone on vacation after we received an unexpected spring snow event. We were not customers at the time but I reached out to see if they could take care of us while we were gone. Charlie said no problem. We received 20" of snow and Charlie sent a picture of our clean drive way and hand shoveled sidewalk. It was a relief not to have to deal with that coming back from vacation. We have been a customer ever since! Outstanding customer service!

 by Facebook Review by Mark H.
Great service
City & State: Blaine, MN

Great service, responsive to needs, remove the snow after the plows go by - even if they already plowed!!! Wouldn’t go with anyone else!!!

 by Google Review by Paul S.
Good job always on time
City & State: Blaine, MN

Does a good job always on time.

 by Google Review by Todd R.
The best hands down
City & State: Blaine, MN

These guys are the best hands down. I have been beyond happy with service and response time...Never ever a problem and keep everyone up to date during and after storms hit so you know when they are coming out...Thanks Charlie and crew!!!!

 by Google Review by Jerry H.
Fantastic job
City & State: Blaine, MN

Lakes Snow has been taking care of my snow removal for the last three years and they do a fantastic job. Lakes Snow is quick to remove the snow and keep me open after the city plows everyone's driveway closed again. No complaints for the last three years!

 by Google Review by Teresa G.
Definitely recommend
City & State: Forest Lake, MN

Definitely recommend Lakes Snow Management! They complete jobs quickly after snowfalls and do a great job clearing the snow including from city plows blocking the driveway. In addition, they communicate during each event so you know when to expect service. Great job!

 by Google Review by Margaret H.
Prompt service and communication
City & State: Forest Lake, MN

Great snow plowing, prompt service and communication.

 by Google Review by Scott S.
Greatly appreciated
City & State: Blaine, MN

Just wanted to thank you and your crew for the clean up after the city plow comes through. That kind of added service is greatly appreciated.

 by Google Review by Jim M.
Should have done this years ago
City & State: Blaine, MN

Should have done this years ago. The Christmas blizzard left me with a 5 foot drift in my driveway. wow was I lucky to begin a snow removal service.

 by Google Review by Cheryl K.
A lifetime customer
City & State: Blaine, MN

As a first time customer, I’m wondering why I never afforded my family this luxury before. My husband is a courier and the winter is absolutely insanely busy for them. This morning my husband didn’t have to get up at 5 am and snow blow the drive before he started his 12 hour work day. Your service has made our lives so much easier. I think you have now gotten a lifetime customer.

 by Google Review by Preston S.
A great value
City & State: Blaine, MN

Signing up for Lakes Snow Management for snow removal has made Minnesota winters and major snow events no longer a worry. I can count on them to update me with their snow removal plans, to do what they say they will do and within the time they estimated. They are a great value!

 by Google Review by Debbie M.
Highly recommend
City & State: Blaine, MN

Very pleased with my service last year. My driveway was done when I woke up in the morning. Very the past snowplows left my trap rock driveway in my yard. Couldn't ask for a more simple and economical way to have snow removed. I also like that I didn't have big piles of plowed snow on the yard. I highly recommend!

 by Google Review by Rita S.
Above our expectations
City & State: Forest Lake, MN

The service we received with our first season with Lakes Snow Management was above our expectations. We will continue to use them in the future and highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable snow removal.

 by Google Review by Denise G.
Consistently reliable
City & State: Blaine, MN

LSM has been consistently reliable and accommodating.

 by Google Review by Dan B.
Good to work with
City & State: Blaine, MN

Charlie has always been good to work with and the team does a nice job with the snow.

 by Google Review by Julie M.
Excellent customer service
City & State: Blaine, MN

They do a great job and provide excellent customer service. They are always great to work with - AND they didn't increase the price from last year!

 by Google Review by Jim S.
Great service
City & State: Blaine, MN

Great Service! Timely and thorough removal of snow.

 by Google Review by Debra G.
Very professional
City & State: Blaine, MN

We have signed up for another year with LSM. Charlie is always there when you need him to blow out your driveway. He is very professional, making sure that there is no damage to the driveway surface, placing guide stakes appropriately and even taking the extra time to clear snow away from the mailbox so we don't have to! Looking forward to having the service again this year.

 by Google Review by Bill S.
Customer service was outstanding
City & State: Blaine, MN

I have been sold on Lakes Snow Management since 2018. We were not a customer of their winter services at the time but reached out prior to the April Blizzard of 2018. We were out of town and wanted our driveway taken care prior to our return. Charlie and his team not only took care of our driveway but shoveled our sidewalk and sent before and after pictures. Needless to say that level of customer service was outstanding and we have been a satisfied customer ever since.

 by Google Review by Vicky L.
Very responsive
City & State: Forest Lake, MN

Charlie is very responsive when I have a question. No snow piles left at the end of the driveway. I love seeing their John Deere tractors, memories of my childhood but a lot quieter now.

 by Google Review by Kathy M.
I've never had any problems or concerns
City & State: Blaine, MN

I have had Lakes Snow Management do my 100 ft double wide driveway for 2 years now. They have always had my driveway cleared in a timely manner. And I love that tractor they use. No snow piles anywhere!! I've never had any problems or concerns. I'd recommend them to my best friends!!

 by Google Review by Polly B.
Great job
City & State: Blaine, MN

Charlie and his team are doing a great job! I plan on using this service every year. I really appreciate the email updates Charlie sends out.

 by Google Review by Tony H.
Excellent job
City & State: Blaine, MN

I called FSLM to see if they could take care of my long driveway while I was out of town and a big snow storm was expected to hit. When I returned home the driveway was all taken care of, even with the big drifts, and the tall banks from previous snows were pushed back. Excellent job! If it wasn’t for FSLM I don’t think we would have made it down the driveway when we returned home! Thanks Again!

 by Google Review by Kelly C.
Great customer service
City & State: Blaine, MN

Hands down best snow removal service out there! Prompt, thorough & great customer service.

 by Google Review by Brittany R.
Very impressed
City & State: Blaine, MN

Signed up for snow removal for my mother and father -in-law this year as a Christmas present, and we are all very happy with the Forest Lake Snow Management's snow removal service.
They are very precise, there is a vehicle in the driveway, and they get close but not too close.
Every time it snows after the trigger amount (we got the 2 inch package), my mother-in-law has said they have come back multiple time to make sure not only the driveway is clear but also the end of the driveway is clear after the street plows go by. The communication is great, Charlie lets you know what is going on if any issues arise that may delay them and is very responsive to any questions. Overall, we are very impressed and will use them again next year. 🙂

 by Google Review by Jeff M.
Great service at a competitive price
City & State: Blaine, MN

I saw Charlie in the neighborhood with this very cool snow blowing machine and I had to check it out. I really liked how it cut the edges of driveway so cleanly and neatly and it blows the snow a long distance into the yard which eliminates all the big wind rows and piles. Also cleans the driveway surface very well, much better than my ATV with a new cutting edge on the plow blade. Makes the property look like a winter wonderland postcard!

This unique machine cleans our large driveway very meticulously in 5 minutes flat. If this quiet machine doesn’t catch your eye, it will be in and out without anyone knowing. Overall, Charlie provides great service at a competitive price which we appreciate. Thanks for all your help this winter Charlie!

 by Google Review by Kristine S.
Excellent job
City & State: Blaine, MN

I had just made a freebie attempt to clear the end of my driveway on a busy highway when Charlie offered to make my day easier. After 2 feet of snow this month I am beat up by the snow. Less than 5 minutes later my driveway was clear. Much appreciated, excellent job.

 by Google Review by Al L.
Best snow removal company I have ever worked with
City & State: Forest Lake, MN

Best snow removal company I have ever worked with. Charlie does a superb job and is very conscience about having the snow cleared before we have to leave for work. I have actually seem him out there clearing at 2:00am! I recently referred a friend of mine to Charlie. Charlie received a call from my friend regarding the drifting snow. The driveway was completely snowed in and Charlie was out within a few hours of the call. I will refer everyone to Forest Lake Snow Management.

 by Google Review by John M.
Snow was removed quickly
City & State: Blaine, MN

Snow was removed quickly!!

 by Google Review by Jordyn H.
Highly recommend
City & State: Blaine, MN

A very nice guy stopped and helped us as we were struggling to shovel tons of snow and he was very sweet and did a great job. highly recommend

 by Google Review by Deb B.
Quick response
City & State: Blaine, MN

Thanks, Charlie, for plowing out my long driveway again this year on short notice this past week! I appreciated your quick response to my text and keeping me updated as to when you would get to my place. The new tractor is pretty cool!

 by Google Review by Darren O.
Very professional
City & State: Blaine, MN

I was out of town and they took care of all the snow for my family. They were so quick to respond and very professional. You won't find a better company.

 by Google Review by Kerry S.
These guys get 5 stars and an A+
City & State: Blaine, MN

While I was at work I received a call from my wife that she had almost gotten stuck with her full size 4x4 truck in our drive way. I didn’t have time to clear it between snowfalls, so there was nearly a foot of snow covering our oversized, curved and inclined driveway. I called Forest Lake Snow Management after remembering an ad of theirs I had seen. 45 minutes after calling I received a second call from my wife. I assumed she was going to ask if I was able to reach anyone to do the driveway yet. To my surprise she was actually calling to let me know they were just finishing. I arrived home after putting in a very long day to find a perfectly clean drive way from edge to edge, including the curve. They even blew out the huge mound the city plows left in front of our mailbox. Amazing job by Forest Lake Snow Management that saved me over an hour of snow blowing after I had already put in an overtime day at my job. Best of all, my wife was thrilled with the results. These guys get 5 Stars and an A+!!! I will definitely be calling again.

 by Google Review by Darcy S.
Would highly recommend
City & State: Forest Lake, MN

I had my driveway done by this company and they did an exceptional job! They responded quickly to my call and got the job done, so i could pull in my driveway. I would highly recommend them!

 by Google Review by Kimberley N.
Very happy with their service
City & State: Blaine, MN

They were able to come quickly and get my driveway plowed with short notice from me. I was so happy with their quick response time and they did a wonderful job. I was very happy with their service, would use them again and I definitely recommend them to others.

 by Google Review by Jeff K.
Can't recommend them any higher
City & State: Blaine, MN

Couldn't be happier with their work. My plow broke down and I called them at 0930, my driveway was plowed by 1030. Immediate response, excellent result, local company...I can't recommend them any higher or I would. Thank you Charlie!

 by Google Review by Lisa J.
Highly Recommend
City & State: Blaine, MN

Charlie was fantastic! Responded right away and got the job done in a timely fashion! Thank you all so much! Highly Recommend!!

 by Google Review by Michael C.
This team works fast
City & State: Forest Lake, MN

Love the new equipment. Keeps the driveway very clear. This team works fast and I've never woke up and not had the snow cleared from the driveway before leaving for work.

 by Google Review by Pamela P.
Dependable and professional
City & State: Blaine, MN

Great group to work with. Dependable and professional! Always pleased and grateful for their hard work.

 by Google Review by Kathy M.
Couldn't be happier
City & State: Blaine, MN

Great job on my residential driveway with this snow/rain/ice mix. Couldn't be happier with your work!!