FAQ’s For Lake Snow

  • How much snow must have fallen before LSM will come out?
    1.5″ minimum per storm/event
  • What time does LSM start route?
    We start when the storm/event is over
  • Will Your Snow Removal Machinery Damage My Sealed or Paver Driveway?
    Believe it or not our equipment actually puts less pressure on your driveway than your car does! Our snow blowers are also equipped with plastic cutting edges to drastically reduce the risk of damage to your driveway.
  • Will You Spread Salt On My Driveway?
    No, due to the corrosive nature of salt we do not currently apply ice melt to driveways. However we will deice walkways for an additional fee.
  • What if I have a stone driveway, will the snow blower work?
    Yes, we are able to offer service to customers with gravel driveways. But, we cannot guarantee that a portion of the gravel will be thrown into your lawn.
  • What if I leave a car parked in my driveway?
    If you must leave a car parked in your driveway please park on the right side of the driveway and as close to the garage as possible.
  • Will You Shovel My Walkway by Hand?
    Although we do not hand shovel walkways as part of our seasonal driveway contracts, our company offers hand shoveling at an additional price. Our experienced work crews will shovel directly in front of your garage door, the walkway to your front door, as well as your steps and front porch. Please note that this is an extra service and is priced according to each property. Openings are limited so make sure you sign-up early to guarantee your spot on our schedule.
  • Driveway Markers Installation and Removal.
    Our markers start going up late in October through early November. They will be taken out by early April. If you would like to remove them sooner please place them by your garage and we will pick them up when you call us requesting removal.