Lakes Snow Management (LSM) has set out to create an entirely new experience in residential snow removal for our customers in Forest Lake and Blaine, MN.

Using agricultural tractors and inverted snowblowers, and while having a limited service area we are able to provide quicker and more reliable service than anyone else.

Snow & Ice Removal Service

Our Services:

  1. Snow Blowing
  2. Snow Plowing
  3. Snow Removal
  4. Sidewalk & Walkway
    Snow Removal Services

Our company has dedicated Account Managers available 24/7 by phone, text, or email.

Standard Rates Include:

  • Dependable John Deere tractors with Pronovost Blower Set-Ups.
  • Scrapes Cleaner Than Standard Plow Trucks
  • Driveway Snow Blowing
  • Clearing & Shoveling snow from your designated areas.
  • Repeat Cleanings DURING and AFTER heavy snow fall events.

Payment Options:

  • Monthly credit card payment options
  • Pay in full payment options
  • PayPal
Forest Lake Snow Management
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