Terms and Conditions of Snow Removal Services

LSM will round back through route at our earliest convenience to check for and clear city plow close ins.

In the event of a storm larger than +6” there may be a rough through clearing in the middle of the storm.

The Client agrees to allow The Contractor to decide if services are warranted based upon snow accumulation at Clients’ address. Not to include drifts.

Top priority given to clearing snow from driveway. Driveway to be cleared within 8 hours of
storm completion. The second priority is given to clearing sidewalks. Sidewalks will be cleared within 12 hours of the storm completion.

Specified rates are for regular service when all accounts are being serviced and/or checked. Special on demand service by request is subject to additional charges. On-demand service may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed by Contractor, at our discretion.

Automatic snow removal services to accessible areas only.

The Contractor shall not be responsible for any snow or ice buildup caused by lack of access to any given service area.

Clearing areas where previously parked cars were located at time of initial service is not part of this contract.

Client must keep service areas free of objects and/or debris. Any objects in service area are the responsibility of the Client alone. Service may not be performed if objects and/or debris are left in service area(s). LSM is not responsible for damage caused by objects left in clearing area.

Contractor shall be notified of any physical changes to service area immediately upon implementation of changes.

Contractor shall not be restricted nor limited to any specific time or duration of time for the rendering of services.

Contractor will not be responsible for any injuries on property.

To avoid damage, contractor elects to stay at least 1 to 2 feet away from but not limited to garage doors, or other obstacles.

The Contractor will not be responsible for damages to any surface covered under the contract including sod, irrigation components, or driveway surfaces.

The Contractor is fully insured for property damage. However, a full report must be completed within 48 hours by the party sustaining the damage. Reports of damage received by the Contractor aster a period of 48 hours will have assumed to have not been caused by The Contractor.

The Client understands that the servicing of a driveway/sidewalk may not always clear the area to “bare pavement”.

Plowing guide stakes and picket signs are provided and installed before the season. Guide stakes that become removed other than by LSM’s personnel shall be replaced at a cost of $5.00 per guide stake. If you remove your pickets/stakes before we pick them up at the end of the season, please place them next to your garage.

By signing this contract, Client is allowing Lakes Snow Management to photograph or record the snow removal process at Clients property and Client is allowing LSM to use this content for marketing purposes.

Accounts that are past due will not be serviced until account is brought up to date.
Please note as we do offer strictly snow blowing services, we reserve the right to utilize a truck and plow or skid steer as a backup in the event that our tractors or snow blowers malfunction or breakdown during a snowstorm.

Either party may cancel without cause by a written sixty (60) day notice. Canceling customer must pay 15% of remaining services.